1. Before using the Adventure Park Betnava (hereinafter the APB), each participant must familiarize himself with these rules. By signing, he confirms that he is acquainted with them and agrees with them. Adults as responsible person must familiarize any participants under the age of 18 with these rules and confirm it with signature (the responsible person must write down his/her name and also the names of the participants, as well as the contact details of the responsible person). By signing, the participant confirms that he participates in the APB activities at his own risk.

2. The use of the APB is associated with risks and is performed at the sole responsibility of the participant.  For the responsibility of the contractor, see point 7.

3. The APB is suitable for participants of all ages who do not have psycho-physical problems with height and that the use of the APB doesn't mean health or any other kind of risk or danger for them or for other participants. Participants under the age of 14 years may use the APB only in the company of an adult person;  one adult can control up to 3 underage participants. Regarding the use of individual lines/tracks which are of different difficulty levels, additional requirements apply:




1. yellow 

100 cm

recommended minimum 3 years

2. green

110 cm


3. orange

120 cm


4. blue

130 cm


5. red

150 cm


6. black

150 cm

good physical condition

You always have to wear closed sport's shoes and clothes!

4. It is not allowed to have any small objects such as jewellery, mobile phone, camera, keys, etc. ... , while using  the APB, as they may pose a threat to the participant himself or any other person.

5. Each participant must attend the explanations of safety instructions, which consist of theoretical and practical work. All instructions from the trainer/instructor are binding and must be obeyed! The participants who violate the rules and instructions are requested to leave the APB. In case of violations of the safety instructions of the instructor or organizer, the organizer doesn't assume any of the associated claims.

6. Security equipment received by participants consists of a safety harness and helmet and can not be given or transferred to other persons while using the APB. It must be used according to the rules of the instructor or organizer and must be returned after use. Lifting of the equipment is confirmed with signature. Both carabiners must always be attached on the safety wire. When switching from one exercise (obstacle) to another, one carabiner must always be connected to the safety wire, while the other one is being attached to the next marked safety wire. In case of failure to comply with this rule, the participant is warned, at the following warning the participant must return the equipment and stop with the activities on the lines.

7. The owner of the APB is responsible according to legal definition for personal damage. They are responsible for material and financial damage only under presumption of severe malpractice of organizer or persons with leading responsibilities.

8. Each exercise can be carried out by a maximum of one person. At the same time up to two people can stay at the platforms.

9. Children under the height of 110 cm can only use the Children's line. Rules for others are specified in point 3.

10. Management has the right to demand from participants who don't obey the rules, to leave the APB. Management has the right to stop the activities for safety-technical reasons (fire, storm, low temperature, etc.).  The reimbursement of entrance fee is not possible in this case or if the participant leaves the APB by free will.

11. With my signature I allow the use of my personal information stated on these rules for business needs of the APB.

12. Occasionally, the stuff of the APB takes a picture of events in the park. By signing, I authorize the use of these photographs exclusively for the promotional purposes of the PPB.

Date: ________________                                                Signature: _______________________

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